Technoss dental was created to export their xenograft product line, OsteoBiol. Osteobiol is a complete line of xenograft materials used for bone augmentation.  Materials are manufactured using a new-patented technology that conditions animal tissues neutralizing bone antigen molecules and allows development of innovative products, capable of satisfying every surgical need. OsteoBiol® biomaterials provide excellent healing results thanks to an active colonization of the receiving site by patient's cells and therefore favour the process of natural healing of injured tissue.


Raw materials
The raw material from which Tecnoss obtains its products comes from Italian animal farms, selected and certified under the strict control of the Italian National Veterinary Health Service. All manufacturing is conducted in conformity with a Quality System that is itself under the control of the Higher Health Institute that verifies compliance with current CE regulations and approves and authorizes marketing of the products.


Tecnoss laboratories are specialized in the research of innovative processes applicable to any type of tissue. The chemical-physical process of heterologous tissue treatment is set at low temperatures that allow every proteinic component to be selectively neutralized, except for the collagen found inside the raw material. Moreover, by avoiding the high temperature ceramization phase, the Tecnoss processes do not modify the structure of the natural hydroxyapatite and therefore permit a physiological osteoclastic-type remodeling of the biomaterial, respecting the period of bone turnover.

The facilitation of the resorption phase not only makes it possible to speed up this process but also achieves a complete metabolization of the graft with the final result being newly formed endogenous tissue.

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