mp3 is available in ready-to-use syringes and can be easily grafted avoiding the hydration and manipulation phases. After adapting the material to the defect shape, it is necessary to remove non stable residues before proceeding to soft tissue suture.


Heterologous origin biomaterial made of 600-1000 µm pre-hydrated collagenated cortico-cancellous granules, properly mixed with OsteoBiol Gel 0. Thus, it is possible both skipping the hydration phase and decreasing the risk of accidental exposure of material to pathogens during manipulation and grafting phases; furthermore the syringe is flexible and ideal to simplify grafting in the receiving site.


The granules are endowed with characteristics very similar to human mineral bone, and can be used as an alternative to autologous bone. Their natural micro-porous consistency facilitates new bone tissue formation in defect sites and accelerates the regeneration process.


Gradually resorbable, it preserves the original graft shape and volume (osteoconductive property). Moreover, thanks to its collagen content, the product facilitates blood clotting and the subsequent invasion of repairing and regenerative cells.


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