Bone Substitutes


Research and development of biomaterials has gone through many stages, but always toward one goal: to heal bone deficit with newly formed quality tissue in order to achieve functional recovery.

All of this in the least time possible.


Safe, Fast and Clinically Proven.

The OsteoBiol new generation of biomaterials goes beyond the simple role of aiding natural bone regrowth by stimulating and accelerating this vital physiological process.

Firstly, OsteoBiol uses natural xenograft materials. The structure of animal bone is morphologically more similar to human bone than any synthesized product. Also, The examination of clinical results and the commercial diffusion of various kinds of products developed by biomedical industry shows a clear superiority of products of natural origin over those of synthetic derivation.


Secondly, the Tecnoss exclusive manufacturing process is able to neutralize the antigenic components present in heterologous bone (thus the achievement of biocompatibility) and to preserve the collagen matrix inside the biomaterial granules. Moreover, the molecular structure of natural hydroxyapatite is not significantly altered thanks to the lower maximum process temperature and therefore keeping the natural bone morphology of the xenograft.


Lastly, collagen is added to the mineral bone to enhance bone regeneration. Collagen has a key role in bone regeneration process in that:

  •   a) it acts as a valid substrate for platelet activation and aggregation
  •   b) it serves to attract and differentiate the mesenchymal stem cells present in the bone marrow
  •   c) it increases the proliferation rate of the osteoblasts up to 2/3 times
  •   d) it stimulates the activation of the platelets, osteoblasts and osteoclasts in the tissue healing process

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