SARA - SOREDEX Advanced Reconstruction Algorithm

CRANEX® 3D new reconstructions with SMAR
SARA clearly improves overall image quality: homogeneity and specificity as well as 3D rendering of CBCT images. New SARA technology allows to detect clearly small anatomical details like small fractures and endodontic root fillings.


SMAR – SOREDEX Metal Artefact Reduction
SMAR can be used to reduce the effect of metals and other dense radiopaque objects on the 3D image. These create artifacts that are typically seen as stripes and shadows from the above-mentioned objects.

Faster image processing
In addition to better image quality SARA and SMAR bring much faster image processing. The average CBCT processing time is only 1 minute from exposure start to image readiness.
For more information and availability of the new technology please contact local dealer in your country or SOREDEX.


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