Digora Optime Deluxe


Opticlean™ – Uniquely hygienic
Opticlean sets a new hygiene standard


The DIGORA® Optime employs a unique hygiene system (Opticlean™) that minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, resulting in improved patient and user safety. The superb Opticlean™ hygiene concept consists of the hygiene accessories, touch-free operating and internal UV-disinfection feature of the unit. The Opticlean™ concept is protected by various patents, patent applications and registered designs.


UV Disinfection System


DIGORA® Optime is the first intraoral imaging plate system on the market to introduce a smart and automated internal ultraviolet (UV) disinfection feature that inactivates viruses and bacteria on the plate transport mechanism *.


Effortless end-to-end hygienic workflow
The fully waterproof Optibag™ hygiene bag minimizes the risk of cross-contamination of the imaging plate. The DIGORA® Optime’s touchless operation is further enhanced by using the Opticover™ protective covers. - There is never a need to touch the re-usable imaging plate. And thanks to the front loaded system remaining closed when not in use and the compact design, the unit is very easy to keep clean.


Easy and fast to use
Continuing the SOREDEX tradition of easy-to-use imaging equipment, the DIGORA® Optime takes usability to the next level with a clear color graphical display built right into the unit. This allows informative self-guiding tutorials and instant image evaluation right by the system.


Visually guided use


The DIGORA® Optime supports users with clear animations. Even new users quickly learn how to use the system with little or no training required.


Image preview
The digitized image is displayed instantly on the unit’s display. The user can immediately verify image quality and determine if a retake is needed.

Smart and secure connecting
Unlike USB connected systems, the DIGORA® Optime can be easily shared in a controlled way between multiple (up to eight) workstations on the local network. Network sharing is an effective and economical solution for any practice, but especially large ones.


Lightning fast image readout

A high quality image is displayed in just seconds.


Fully automated workflow
The system automatically detects the size and correct orientation of the imaging plate and completely erases it in one easy step. There are no complicated cassettes, plate guides or drums needed.


 Touchless operation
The DIGORA® Optime has a built in motion sensor that detects your approaching hand and readies the system automatically.

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