Cranex Novus

The CRANEX® Novus is a fast and the easy-to-use digital X-ray system. It is designed for dental offices that demand a first class digital panoramic unit at an affordable price. With 9 second adult panoramic exposures times, patient exposure dose is minimized, while reducing the potential for movement artifacts. Designed for fast operation and easy workflow, the CRANEX® Novus is designed for maximum efficiency. Clean simple lines and a compact footprint that is easy to install make the CRANEX® Novus appealing for dental clinics.

Summary of benefits :
Fast and easy-to-use
• 9 second adult panoramic 
exposure times
• 4-step operational procedure for 
optimized workflow
• Easy-to-use control panel 
simplifies operation
• 5-point patient stabilization system

Excellent image quality
• Victory Beam Technology™
• Extremely sensitive CCD-sensor
• Advanced spinal compensation

Designed for your practice
• Compact solution
• Clean and simple

Small footprint

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