DIGORA® Optime Classic

The DIGORA® Optime intraoral Digital Imaging System is designed to make work in the dental office easier and more efficient. The DIGORA® Optime is small, easy to use and fast to operate. Together with DIGORA® for Windows dental imaging software, it will increase image processing speed and workflow efficiency.




Superior image quality
Clinical image quality is a result of the whole DIGORA® Optime concept. The DIGORA® Optime System uses highly sensitive and intelligent Imaging Plate readout technology to achieve high quality images with an exceptionally wide dynamic range. The result is that even small details like 0.06mm root canal files are visible.

In digital imaging, a optimal signal-to-noise ratio is important to create images of the highest quality, too much noise results in a loss of diagnostic information. The DIGORA® Optime System is designed with a short light path from the imaging plate to the photomultiplier, which means that a low dose can be used while keeping the noise level low.

Efficient workflow
The DIGORA® Optime imaging procedure has been designed to be as simple and easy as possible so that workflow in your dental office is more efficient. The DIGORA® Optime imaging procedure is fast;

  • Imaging plates are as easy to position in the patient’s mouth as film
  • the readout process is completely automatic
  • readout time is very short
  • no additional adapters nor equipment (such as an erasure box) are needed.

These advantages reduce the number of tasks you have to do, thus making everyday work more efficient and flexible. This ultimately gives you more time for your patients.

Compact size
The DIGORA® Optime’s size means that you can place it in the most convenient position for your way of working. Positioning the unit where you want will improve your workflow and make daily work more efficient and comfortable.

Smart design
The DIGORA® Optime is smart. It is operated with just two buttons, the on/off and the start button. Insert the exposed imaging plate into the DIGORA Optime and everything is done automatically.
The DIGORA® Optime was designed right from the start to be easy to use and integrate efficiently into the dental office.

Quick readout time
Quick readout time makes it possible to feed imaging plates continuously, for example, when a full mouth x-ray series is taken.

Full daylight use
DIGORA® Optime is small and can be used in full daylight conditions. This makes it easy to place in the most convenient location in your practice.

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