An essential part of your daily practise
The MINRAY® intraoral x-ray unit is an advanced DC intraoral unit that includes a unique range of features and options that put it in a class of its own. The extendable and infinitely adjustable Minray arm gives you positioning freedom! You don’t need to decide the arm length when you purchase the unit.



The MINRAY® Arm feature allows the arm reach to be set to your exact needs!
Minray’s extendable horizontal arm system gives you freedom of choice! You don’t need to choose horizontal arm length in advance. The arm length will be adjusted and fixed at the time of installation in your practice and it can be readjusted later if needed. Extendable adjustment gives perfect arm reach for your practice!


Tubehead design
Specially designed tubehead handle makes tubehead positioning precise and easy. Minray has a steady arm system that allows you to move the arm smoothly and keeps the tubehead motionless during exposure. The tubehead handle allows one-hand movement of the tubehead and enables fast and easy positioning.


Clear and easy-to-use operating controls
The user-friendly control panel can be installed in the wall box or be remote mounted in almost any location. The remote mounted control panel has a unique Push-bar exposure switch.


Technical Data


Constant potential (high voltage DC, 100-200kHz)

Tube Voltage:

60 or 70kV

Tube Current:


Focal Spot:

0.7mm to IEC 60336

Line Voltage:

115/230 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz


2mm Al

Exposure Time Range:

0.02 – 3.2 seconds

Fuse Range:

5A / 230 VAC
8A / 115 VAC

Power Consumption:

1080 VA/230 VAC
910 VA/115 VAC

Beam Limiting Cones:

Round Ø 60mm (2.36")
Rectangular 35 x 45mm (1.38" x 1.77")
SSD (Source-Skin Distance):
Standard cone 229 mm (9")
Long cone 305 mm (12")


Wall mount for single stud or 406 mm (16")
Center stud installation


30 kg

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