CRANEX® D, a direct digital panoramic and cephalometric system.


SOREDEX has more than 30 years of expertise in the dental imaging business. Our ambition is to develop, manufacture and provide state-of-the-art dental imaging systems to the spectrum of all dentists.

The CRANEX® family is one of the most successful product families in the dental imaging market, and CRANEX® D represents its top-level products.

The CRANEX® D concept is a combination of a panoramic and cephalometric unit together with the DIGORA® for Windows, the SOREDEX dental imaging software. The whole concept is designed to fulfill your needs whether they are ease of use, superb image quality, functionality or flexibility.

The new CRANEX® D represents all of these needs. We have optimized your workflow by designing the functionality of the unit as you were designing it. Already superb image quality is even more improved which gives you the diagnostic capabilities you need – panoramic image is not just a common panoramic image. The CRANEX® family is famous for its ease of use and stable patient positioning which is essential for achieving great images one after another, not just ones in a while.


Take a look at the more detailed functionalities on this page or view the CRANEX® D presentation.

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